Date: 4/7/21 10:20 pm
From: Matt Sadowski <mattsadowski78...>
Subject: [SanDiegoRegionBirding] Little Stint continues (4/7) & Blue-headed Vireo hotspot
An eBird stakeout hotspot for the Carlsbad Blue-headed Vireo has been
created but probably won't be available to merge one's checklist with
until tomorrow.

In San Diego Bay news the Little Stint reappeared on its favorite island
in southwest pond 23 at the north end of 10th Street today. It is now
well on its way into alternate plumage but is not showing very obvious
orange in the face or breast yet (there are many Westerns that ARE
showing very obvious orange in the face now). The split supercilium is
evident and the breast band is more obvious now with the markings on the
side confined to the upper breast, unlike the alternate Westerns showing
markings well down the flanks. There is some rufous starting to show on
the upperparts. Maybe most obvious are the lower/rear scapulars which
are very broadly edged in white and might be one of the useful features
to pick out at a distance. And of course it has the shortish/thin bill
and lack of webbing between the toes (the latter feature probably
hopeless from the bike path even with the best scope and conditions).
The tide on the bay doesn't seem to matter. The bird was found right
around the time the tide was bottoming out at negative-something on the
bay. It was with maybe about five or six Westerns (and I think a Least
also at some point). Preferred the west side of the island at the
midpoint and was more ferocious than ever, spending 50% of its time
battling with the Western to the north or the Western to the south of
it. A Peregrine tore through at one point and the small group of peeps
returned almost immediately despite there being plenty of mud exposed on
the bay for them to flee to. Early morning is your best bet before heat
distortion makes scoping impossible.

The were also eleven Wilson's Phalaropes (first noted 5 Apr.) continuing
on an interior pond not visible from the bike path but should be
arriving at a wetland near you soon, if not there already.

Matt Sadowski

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