Date: 4/7/21 8:54 pm
From: Jeff Moore <jmo.jeffmoore...>
Subject: [birders] memorial gatherings for Jeff
Hello, everyone, [image: ��][image: ��][image: ��]
This is Jeff's wife, Peg, writing from Jeff's email account. Some of you I
have never met, and I so apologize for this less-personal group email, but
I wanted to let you know that Jeff passed away on February 21st of
(primarily) lymphoma. If this is the first you are hearing of this,
*please* read his beautiful obituary linked to at the bottom of this email.
And for those of you who knew Jeff well--or even medium or a
little--especially if you aren't on Facebook and haven't been in touch with
someone you and Jeff knew in common--I wanted you to receive this message
below about the memorial gatherings we'll be holding for him.

Also, there are many people--perhaps you--who have **soooo kindly** reached
out to me through email and cards and to whom I've not yet replied but
sincerely hope to before *too* long!!! To these people, for now, THANK YOU
with all my heart!!!

Please feel free to share the info below with anyone you feel would like to
join us in honoring Jeff. No RSVP needed, though for Michigan, we're hoping
to get somewhat of a general idea.

With appreciation for **you**!

[image: Gathering Image.jpg]

Josh, Beth, June, and I will be hosting *two* gatherings in Jeff's honor:

Saturday, June 5
2:00 Visiting
4:00 A focused time of honoring Jeff, followed by more visiting.
(No food is planned.)
Stonebrook Community Church
Ames, IA (link below)

(OUTDOORS--bring your own food and beverage if you want [no alcohol,
please]; definitely your own lawn chair and/or blanket.)
Saturday, September 11
Rain date: Sunday, September 12
4:00 Visiting
5:00 A focused time of honoring Jeff, followed by more visiting.
Willowicke Inn
Williamstown, MI (link below)

At both locations, we will be following the state's, city's, and venue's
current COVID guidelines for masks, social distancing, etc. If you have
questions about them, feel free to check in here when the date is closer.

I will be wearing "dressy casual" (lol, whatever that is!) in Iowa.

I will be wearing "casual" in Michigan.

I will *not* be predominantly in black.
[image: ��][image: ��][image: ��]

(*You* may wear whatever you like! Just come and be comfortable! [image: ��]

If you haven't seen Jeff's wonderful obituary, *please* go to the Lynch and
Sons Funeral Directors website (WALLED LAKE location, link below). [image:

Josh, Beth, June, our families, and I would love to see--even meet--anyone
who would love to come honor Jeff! [image: ��]

THANK YOU SO MUCH, each and every one of you who has already upheld us in
so many BEAUTIFUL ways these last months! We feel it and are so profoundly

[image: ��][image: ��][image: ��]

"Baseball is like church. Many attend but few understand."

Wes Westrum, The Poughkeepsie Strong Boy,
former Giants All-Star catcher and manager,
and on the very first Sports Illustrated cover


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