Date: 4/7/21 6:15 pm
From: alison wagner <alikatofvt...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Lagoon Road in HInesburg
Hello Fellow Lagoon birders,

I had a great chat today with John, one of the town employees who works at the sewage treatment on Lagoon Road. We caught up on lots of topics. First, the owner of the fields, who tried to grow hemp a few years back, fell victim to the flooded market that year and didn't try to grow again last year. He is now growing a cover crop. I am thankful this owner has cleaned up the tons of plastic that had littered the fields from years past. And it's great to see the fields being replenished with a cover crop. Perhaps this season there will be no mowing and the Bobolinks and Meadowlarks can have successful broods. Second, he told me that the grass around the solar panels will no longer be cut. That's good news for any Soras that might nest there. John is the guy who quit mowing in the array a few years back when he stumbled upon the Sora chicks. Third, he told me that the lagoons are going to be reconfigured. I think he said this will happen next year. The lagoon ponds closer to the LaPlatte River will be removed and a sloping grade will replace that area. The remaining ponds will be treated with UV light and the need for nasty chemicals will no longer exist. Lastly, the bird life is picking up there. Today three Kestrels perched on a utility pole, a Canada Goose was on her nest in between the ponds, and the Killdeer were up to their usual antics of drama and busy chatter. With help of a little rain, (perhaps next week?) things could really get interesting!

Ali Wagner
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