Date: 4/7/21 5:26 pm
From: Carter Gasiorowski <carter.gasiorowski...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Six Lawrence's Goldfinches at Ed Levin on 4/6
Yesterday. 4-7-21, my mom and I arrived at the Spring Valley area of Ed
Levin County Park around noon. By the pond, there was one each of GREAT
EGRET, SNOWY EGRET, and GREAT BLUE HERON, as well as at least one BULLOCK'S
ORIOLE. In the eucalyptus trees above the parking lots, a male ALLEN'S
HUMMINGBIRD was displaying as a few unidentified Rufous/Allen's
Hummingbirds flew around. Along the Spring Valley trail, many TREE
SWALLOWS were arguing over the nest boxes, as well as 3 male WILD TURKEYS
who ran across the trail. There were plenty of raptors, with 7 RED-TAILED
HAWKS (six seemed to be paired up, plus one juvenile that would fly around
near the adults), 2 WHITE-TAILED KITES perched in a tree near the parking
lot, one immature COOPER'S HAWK, and 2 GOLDEN EAGLES, one of which made a
low pass over the parking lot. Two HUTTON'S VIREOS sang from the oaks, two
WESTERN KINGBIRDS perched to the east of the ranger station, and one VAUX'S
SWIFT whizzed over our heads.

After getting somewhat distracted by all the amazing birds, we headed to
the area where Dave Weber found the Lawrence's Goldfinches on 4/5. Before
long, I saw a male LAWRENCE'S GOLDFINCH sitting in a leafless tree feeding
a female. They flew, but my mom got onto them, and spotted a second male
Lawrence's Goldfinch. We then ran into a very nice birder, Manny, and then
yet another Lawrence's Goldfinch joined the three already present. After
Manny left, a group of five Lawrence's Goldfinches flew over, and the
flyover photo shows four of them being males, and another photo I took
earlier shows 2 females next to each other, so there were at least six
Lawrence's Goldfinches present! They were flying around quite a bit
in-between the Spring Valley Group Picnic Area and the ranger station,
mostly landing in the pine trees. The males were singing, which made it
easier to locate them in the foliage. The females also seemed to be
checking out the kind of places that goldfinches like to build their nests
as the males followed them around.

We then headed to the Sandy Wool area, where I saw my FOY male RUFOUS
HUMMINGbiRD above the dog park. There were also 9 GREAT-TAILED GRACKLES
screaming and displaying together on top of the picnic tables, which was
quite comical to watch. As we were sitting in the car getting ready to
leave, we watched a GOLDEN EAGLE hunt the ridgeline.

Overall a very nice day with 50 species at the Spring Valley area alone,
and some nice rarities!

Full species list and photos:

Happy Birding!

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