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Subject: [pen-bird] San Mateo County cumulative year-list for March 2021
Hello San Mateo County Birders:

A February sighting did not become known to me until well after the February reports had been published. Marcia and Dave Maiero sent me photos of a ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK (4) which had been coming to their seed feeder in their Half Moon Bay yard west of Hwy 1, since February 25 th and stayed for several weeks. The grosbeak brought end of February totals to 219.

March birders added 16 new birds bringing the cumulative year total to 235. Please note, the number in parenthesis next to the bird name is the rarity code assigned for San Mateo County birds. As you read through the list of birds below, please note, the number in parenthesis next to the bird name, is the rarity code assigned for San Mateo County. The definitions for the rarity codes can be found below the current month's list at the link below. From the link below, you can also *download a checklist* which shows seasonality, frequency, and county breeding information. A full list of the birds observed so far in 2021 plus all monthly reports going back to 2009 can be found here: ( )

Below are the birds, their finders and locations where they were found:

Malia DeFelice and Chris Hayward had an adult male RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD (2) come to their nectar feeder in their Half Moon Bay yard. Ron Thorn had the first sightings of PIGEON GUILLEMOT (2), CASSIN’S AUKLET (2) and RHINOCEROS AUKLET (1) during sea-watches at Pigeon Point. Jeff Poklen and Barry McLaughlin photographed an injured, but could still fly, SABINE’S GULL (2) at Gazos Creek Beach. While visiting the Devil’s Slide trail, Alane Gray found an adult BROWN BOOBY (6) sitting offshore near Egg Rock. Peter Metropulos observed SHORT-EARED OWL (3) along the Bair Island trail. While birding Gazos Creek Rd. Leonie Batkin found a PACIFIC-SLOPE FLYCATCHER (1). WESTERN KINGBIRD (4) was seen on the same day at two separate locations by Peter Metropulos at Bedwell Bayfront Park in Menlo Park and by Joshua Stacy at a private residence in Pescadero. Richard Hopf encountered WARBLING VIREO (2) at Windy Hill Open Space Preserve. While visiting Bedwell Bayfront Park, Caitlin Chock made the first CLIFF SWALLOW (1) sighting for the year at Bedwell Bayfront Park. GRASSHOPPER SPARROW (2) was first detected by Jane Tatchell and Peter Headland at Lower La Honda Creek Open Space Preserve. Birding group Donna Pomeroy, Doug Pomeroy, Leslie Flint and Ginny Marshall encountered the first LARK SPARROW (4) at La Honda Creek Open Space Preserve. Rich Ferrick found a HOODED ORIOLE (2) along the San Francisquito Creek Trail. Donna and Doug Pomeroy discovered a singing MACGILLIVRAY’S WARBLER (3) at Burleigh Murray State Park. Gina Barton reported BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLER (2) at Edgewood Park.

*At the time of this writing 6,770 checklists, 11,807 photos, 120 audio recordings and 2 videos have been submitted to eBird for San Mateo County for the current year.* On Pen-bird there were 112 posts in January, 73 posts in February and 45 posts in March. To stay informed of the latest bird news, consider creating an account with both Peninsula Birding (Pen-bird) and eBird. To join eBird, simply go to and create an account.

To join the Peninsula Birding group, join here: You can post your sightings here and can be kept informed of sightings throughout the county. You can read discussions about birds, population trends, where-can-I-find topics, events, field trips and conservation issues. Your posts can be replied to by others and you can engage with other members of the birding community by connecting with online/offline discussions.


*Content for this report is gathered mainly by using eBird and Pen-bird. When posting to Pen-bird, please include the date of your sighting in either the subject line or in the body of your email. If you don’t use eBird or Pen-bird, you can always email me directly. Thank you!*

*If you have questions or comments regarding this report, please email:* <maliadances...>


*I put this report together monthly as a volunteer* for Sequoia Audubon Society (SAS). To view their schedule of events, programs, to volunteer, or to become a member, visit their website here: ( )

*Malia DeFelice*

Sequoia Audubon Society Volunteer

**Cumulative Year Report**

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