Date: 4/7/21 11:17 am
From: Rhandy Helton <dmarc-noreply...> (Redacted sender rjhelton for DMARC)
Subject: [texbirds] RFI: Gray Vireo
Kickapoo is solid. Also I have a hard copy record of Gray Vireo on FM 334 between Bracketville and Highway 55 that runs from Uvalde to Campwood. At Guadalupe NP I have had them on the Frijoles Ranch Trail and McKittrick Canyon Trail. McKittrick is good from now through May. At Big Bend the Basin and Blue Creek Canyon are pretty sure bets. Fort Lancaster Overlook is good but usually I just hear them down the canyon. The picnic side looked like it had burned the last time I was there. I have never recorded a Gray Vireo in Junction area (Kimble County) but the bird may be in the very far western part of the county where there are few roads and all the land is private. I have birded that picnic area between Fort Stockton and Marathon and is good place for Scott's Oriole and others. 
Rhandy J. HeltonJunction, Texas
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