Date: 4/7/21 8:36 am
From: Stephen Rice <birdguy...>
Subject: [obol] birdsong ID help, please

If I were not about to catch my bus every morning I would go looking for who is making the following sound. Suggestions appreciated. I’ve not yet found this sound on my iBird Ultimate app.

You know how the Spotted Towhee makes a single extended liquidy trill? Dark-eyed Junco does something similar?

Well, this is more a dry trill in brief rapid bursts, usually in sets of 4 or 5 bursts, sometimes 3. Then a gap of a couple minutes, then resumes. At first I thought another Towhee vocalization, because they are trilling occasionally also, and I have not heard that overlapping this one.

Also thought maybe Bewick’s Wren, tho I’ve never caught them making this sound. Whoever this is, is part of the dawn chorus for the last month or so, around 7a in this suburban neighborhood with enough conifers that Steller’s Jays are in the mix.

Thanks for possibilities,

SW Gresham

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