Date: 4/6/21 9:39 pm
From: Tina Jones <tjcalliope...>
Subject: [cobirds] Bald Eagle pair, Pierce, Denver County
Hi all,
I have been watching the Bald Eagle pair and nest , next to the American Water Works buildings, for several months. The nest is actually on the property of Marston Reservoir, and right off of and next to, Pierce St. This year nest was new and built by a different pair of Eagles than the nest before [which blew down from a rotten Cottonwood branch a couple of years ago]. This story is rather typical in that the nest I had been watching for several months was built on top of one large dead branch also. I dreaded the day if these Eagles had 2 young knowing the weight would probably trigger the dead branch to break.

The male and female started to incubate 3/3, I believe from watching their behavior.

I can see the nest from my house and have periodically looked at it with binoculars. I have gone over to watch the Eagle behavior for weeks. I did not go over to view the nest on Saturday, 4/3 or on 4/4. On Sunday 4/4 I watched the nest from my house. The female bird, I believe, was standing up almost straight and the bird was looking down towards the center of the nest, while this bird bobbed it's head up and down a bunch. There was no other adult to be seen. The behavior looked odd to me and I could not go to see the Eagles on 4/4. I went Monday, 4/5 and there were no Eagles to be seen anywhere even after waiting for around 2 and a half hours. The birds were not there 4/6. On 4/6 there were around 13 Magpies sitting in the tree where the Eagles had nested, and they were looking casually at the nest. 5 Crows appeared and sat where the magpies had left. None of the previous predators jumped into the nest.

I do not know if the egg/s were infertile or what happened. April 5 had been a couple of days after when the egg/s should have hatched. If anyone was at the nest on 4/3 or 4/4, and you saw some interesting behavior I would love to know. I do know that the male was meticulous in that he rearranged the sticks on the nest every time it was his time to incubate. She never did. There was lot's of bill scraping and much more bill grabbing than I have seen in other Balds

Tina Jones
Littleton, Jefferson County, CO

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