Date: 4/6/21 7:52 pm
From: Paul and Georgean Kyle <dwa...>
Subject: [texbirds] Re: RFI Gray Vireo
The Sheffield overlook is the first and only place we have ever seen
Grey Vireos.  Had forgotten all about it until Brush's post!  It was
back in the late 1970s before the highway bi-passed Sheffield.  We got
stranded there once when our Datsun pickup had an encounter with a deer
on the way back from Big Bend.


On 4/6/2021 9:28 PM, Brush Freeman wrote:
> I don't have any sure fire locations that can be accessed.  It has
> always for me been a easier to hear than see bird given private land
> issues.  Ft. Lancaster area, the Sheffield overlook is a good place to
> at least hear them and if lucky see them  Hwy 674 in Edwards Co.
> especially near the Edwards/Kinney county line.  Junction area (see
> Ebird) ...JA bunch of places but just so few that are
> publicly accessible except from ROWs..    I know they are in Big Bend
> but I never had much luck with them there but did not spend much time
> trying...Hope others have better info for you.
> On Tue, Apr 6, 2021 at 8:24 PM <kjones4...>
> <mailto:<kjones4...>> wrote:
> I will be birding Big Bend NP area in late April.  Driving from
> Austin.
> I’d appreciate any tips on where to find Gray Vireos.
> Kent Jones
> Austin
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> Brush Freeman
> Utley & Cedar Park, Texas

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