Date: 4/6/21 3:01 pm
From: Robert O'Brien <baro...>
Subject: [obol] Amazing?! pair of Pygmy Nuthatches SE Portland
I couldn't really believe what just happened. I was standing in my
daughter's back yard watching
my grandson jump on their trampoline when a pair of Pygmy Nuthatches flew
in from the
east and landed 15' overhead in a 10 year old, leafless, Dawn Redwood
tree. The trunk was
only a few inches thick up that high and they just hopped around in the
outer branches,
pecked at a few cones which were likely seedless due to no pollination, and
then flew
back out the way they had come in. The lighting/view was poor, looking up
into the sky,
and i couldn't see the colors, but their little bodies, almost no tail and
blunt heads with
tiny bills were unmistakable. They were uncharacteristically silent the
whole time
which was a little troublesome but I can't imagine what else they could
have been.
I drove around the neighborhood listening for them and then walked around in
Kenilworth park, 1 block to the West, thinking they would be attracted to
the 100 ft +
Douglas Firs and somewhat smaller Larches, but no luck.
Although common in Eastern Oregon, eBird has only 2 records west of the
A single bird seen by many & photographed Nov-Dec 2015 in Multnomah
district of Portland
A single bird seen by one person Feb 2016 in Beaverton (perhaps the same
'lost' bird)?
Bob OBrien Carver OR Just another single-observer sight
But keep your ears peeled, they are typically very noisy including in
flight. And when 'moving
around' can fly quite high but still be recognizable by call\s. Growing up
on the San Francisco
Peninsula, the coastal race there would in rare, occasional years fly
hundreds of feet overhead but easily
recognized by their calls plus tiny bodies.

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