Date: 4/6/21 1:29 pm
From: Daniel Getman <000002b3a133f539-dmarc-request...>
Subject: New Arrivals & a Flicker Pair
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I’ve been hearing the brown thrasher since Mar 31, but have yet to see or get a photo. Chipping sparrows arrived yesterday, Apr 5, and have been seen today around the water feature and feeders.

The male northern flicker that roosted in our nest box over the winter appears to now have a mate. For the last couple days, I’ve seen a pair feeding on the ground in our open field. But they’re very skittish, leaving even if I’m standing among the trees/bushes on the edge of the field 50-75 yds away.

Here’s an interesting observation. During the winter, the male would routinely enter the nest box approx 20-30 minutes before sunset. But a week ago, I never saw it and left at sunset. Then a couple days ago, I checked again and stayed longer - it entered the nest box 10 minutes after sunset, with no sign of the female. Last year I trapped numerous starlings that tried to claim this nest box. This year, no sign of starlings around that box, so maybe the male has successfully defended it.

It should be interesting to see how this develops

Dan Getman, Kirksville, northeast MO

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