Date: 4/6/21 10:41 am
From: Diane McCoy <dianemccoy10...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Turkeys not Bunnies?

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> Hi All,
> I had a rather strange siting of a turkey this weekend!
> We live in Palo Alto near Greer and Embarcadero. Sunday evening around 7:30 I was out with doggy doing a last quick walk and saw this turkey (young?) take off from our neighbor’s lawn up into the magnolia tree across the street! I usually have my little point/shoot camera in my vest pocket and so glad I did. It just sat there in the tree, looking a little confused…..but that is me imposing emotions on it.
> Has anyone else encountered this in such an urban neighborhood? We are close to the bay lands and saw a two over there last year.
> It was gone next morning. Thanks, Diane PS Funny, because didn’t see any bunnies all day…...
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