Date: 4/5/21 2:06 pm
From: Keith Arnold <kbarnold2...>
Subject: [texbirds] Re: Pine siskins and feeders
An interesting topic, for sure. Two points: small songbirds have a life
expectancy of 1.5 +/- o.25 years; in a large populations, birds die from
several causes, including old age. I have had small birds die as I took
them from a mist net - very likely from stress.

I’m not down-playing salmonella; it can be a serious local problem. That
said, birds die. It’s good to have those results from the F&W lab.


On Mon, Apr 5, 2021 at 2:46 PM John Blackwell <john.a.blackwell51...>

> Thanks to all for the responses. I had stopped filling my feeders
> regularly but will return to normal now. I felt caution was in order until
> we had more data. Now we do. Thanks again.
> John A. Blackwell
> Columbus, Tx. Colorado County
> On Mon, Apr 5, 2021, 12:15 Brush Freeman <brushfreeman...> wrote:
>> So glad you said "in some parts of the country" A recent report from
>> LSU showed that numerous bird bodies, including perhaps from the Austin
>> region, tested for salmonella showed no traces of the disease in any of
>> the samples of siskins and goldfinches they analyzed and that the quick
>> deaths of these birds do not indicate such a reason. They did not however
>> know/say what to contribute the deaths too. Others elsewhere postulate
>> that there may be poisons or toxins in the various feeds. I don't know but
>> remain skeptical of the local salmonella proposal. My feeders remain up
>> with lots of finches and not a single sign of any fatalities since the big
>> freeze. For the Austin area, one should follow their conscience in terms
>> of leaving feeders up. I personally would like to see clinical proof of
>> this reported malady for the Central Texas region instead of Facebook posts
>> and hearsay before I completely buy into this. I have posted Paul's
>> letter previously to Texbird FB and elsewhere. Thanks, John.
>> On Mon, Apr 5, 2021 at 10:50 AM John Blackwell <
>> <john.a.blackwell51...> wrote:
>>> I had a lot of pine siskins in the winter as did many others. I'm now
>>> getting droves of them in spurts. They last a day or less and then another
>>> bunch comes in a day or two later. My question is about feeders in our area
>>> with respect to the salmonella outbreak in some parts of the country. Is
>>> there much evidence of it around here and other than normal good cleaning
>>> practicing should additional measures be taken? I thought I would ask
>>> directly as I hadn't seen much local commentary on the topic.
>>> John A. Blackwell
>>> Columbus, Tx. Colorado County
>> --
>> Brush Freeman
>> <>
>> Utley & Cedar Park, Texas

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