Date: 4/5/21 11:48 am
From: Alan Brown <alan.brown...>
Subject: [ia-bird] Cinnamon teal at Wagner Rd Wetlands, Black Hawk Co.
I checked out the bird recently reported by Wendy VanDeWalle at the
wetlands at the intersection of Wagner Rd. and Dunkerton Rd. just north of
Waterloo. It looks to me like a typical adult male Cinnamon Teal in
breeding plumage. In the bright sunlight, there is a greenish iridescence
in the head when viewed from some angles, but the head looks completely
cinnamon in color from other angles. I tried to do some internet research
on this point. Certainly some of the pictures labeled as Cinnamon teal
show this green iridescence in the head, as does my copy of the Sibley
guide, 2nd ed., so I presume that this characteristic is consistent with
Cinnamon Teal. It does not show any of the illustrated characteristics of
a cinnamon x blue-winged teal hybrid, which is the only hybrid with
Cinnamon Teal that I have been able to find mentioned in any of my
reference sources. I would guess that any other cinnamon teal hybrid would
be quite rare.

Al Brown
Cedar Falls

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