Date: 4/5/21 11:31 am
From: 'Brucemac1' via Birders <birders...>
Subject: [birders] Unhurried seasonal nesting
It seems, this Spring, that the usual urgency to find a nest site, build a nest and get on with raising their broods, is missing...???
Robins are here but have yet to get serious about getting started. Same with our Eastern Bluebirds. They're present, looking at nestboxes, but have yet to begin nest construction. Even the pesky house sparrows are dragging their wings and don't seem to be all that interested,  ....yet..?
Last year, the female Bluebird built her nest in a single day, April 1st.
Anyone else notice the lack of urgency...??
Bruce Macd...      SW Ontario   North shore of Lake Erie

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