Date: 4/4/21 7:37 pm
From: Ted Floyd <tedfloyd73...>
Subject: [cobirds] Easter birding around Lafayette, Boulder County
Hey, everybody. And Happy Easter!

Okay, so we'll start this off at Walmart, Lafayette, Boulder County, Apr.
4, 2021. As you may have heard, #WalmartIsTheNewChico. Sure enough, these
resourceful *rock pigeons* were nesting in holes on the side of the

[image: 01 RoPi.jpg]

Can you say: #PVCPipingIsTheNewDoveCotes -?

The *common ravens* were at their predator-protected nest at the Walmart
this morning (but who would mess with a raven on a nest, I sure wouldn't):

[image: 02 CoRa.jpg]

And check THIS out:

[image: 03 GHOw.jpg]

I know many of you saw the CFO presentation a week ago on the plastic owls
of Walmart. Well, this real *great horned owl* was watching the
photographer the whole time he was photographing all those plastic owls.
And he never knew it. A nine-year-old birder in the audience went to the
Walmart the next day and discovered the owls. And they were there this
morning. A Walmart twitch. Srsly.

Also nesting at the Walmart this morning:

[image: 04 BBMa.jpg]

That's a *black-billed magpie* standing guard over its nest. Magpies are
right up there on the oversized-nests leaderboard. So are *American
bushtits.* They're breeding all over Lafayette. Here's one such
undertaking, at Greenlee Preserve earlier today:

[image: 05 AmBu.jpg]

All that stuff in the middle is the nest. The micro-bird at the upper right
of the nest is the male about to enter the structure.

Toward the other end of the nest-building spectrum were these minimalist *great
blue herons* at Hecla Pond this afternoon;

[image: 06 GBHe.jpg]

They've evicted the *Canada geese* from their platform. To which the geese
say, yeah, well, we'll do it the easy way:

[image: 07 CanG.jpg]

What can I say?--the Canada Geese were getting in on the Easter egg hunt
scene. A quick digression, by the way: Early this morning, I saw a little
girl "win" the grand prize in an Easter egg hunt. The thing was easily
larger than a regulation-size, non-deflated NFL football, and it glittered
gold. The golden egg was so big the little girl couldn't fit it in her
Easter basket, so she sadly put it back into hiding. I thought about
encouraging her to simply carry the thing off, but birding beckoned, so...

Also, some non-birding for me earlier today. Here's Peter Rabbit and pal,
doing the woof-woof testosterone thing at the Walmart:

[image: 08 cottontails.jpg]

Carrying on with the theme of wildlife in a family way, the black-tailed
prairie-dog colony at the Walmart is completely out of control. Fine with
me. Here's one of them, a chonky boy:

[image: 09 chonkmeister.jpg]

We saw insects on the "Lafayette Birds!" outing. Like this excellent
conchuela bug, *Chlorochroa ligata*, near Waneka Lake:

[image: 10 Conchuela.jpg]

The wild geranium, *Erodium cicutarium*, is blooming everywhere now. Just
look down. Here's one from a few hours ago in residential Lafayette:

[image: 11 Erodium.jpg]

And turtles! Here's a mixed-species flock (western painted turtles,
red-eared sliders) at Greenlee marsh earlier today:

[image: 12 turtles.jpg]

Have a great week, everybody!

Ted Floyd
Lafayette, Boulder County

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