Date: 4/4/21 4:07 pm
From: David T√łnnessen <davidtonnessenx...>
Subject: [cobirds] Otero County and nearby water report (4/3)
Hello all,

Yesterday myself and Jim Merritt (fully vaccinated) did some birding in
Otero County and nearby areas. Both Holbrook Reservoir and Horse Creek
Reservoir are very low right now with excellent shorebird habitat, although
Horse Creek is still deep enough it has some diving ducks on it while the
same cannot be said for Holbrook. Lake Cheraw doesn't have good shoreline
but more ducks than I usually see there (most notably a few Greater Scaup).
We checked Adobe Creek Reservoir (Blue Lake) as well, which had more water
than last year and little or no good shorebird habitat.

Holbrook Reservoir contained 3 Snowy Plovers, some Baird's and Least
Sandpipers, Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs, American Avocets, Black-necked
Stilts, Long-billed Dowitchers and a Wilson's Phalarope. Horse Creek also
had all of the above, plus a Dunlin and Western Sandpiper, both curiously
still in full basic ("winter") plumage. Also notably, I believe these same
individuals were first found by Steven Mlodinow and Dave Ely on March 28,
so have been continuing for almost a week.

Undoubtedly our rarest find yesterday was a Western Kingbird on County Road
BB.25 near Holbrook Reservoir, which is the earliest I've ever seen the
species in Colorado by about 3 weeks. I tried to force it into the Couch's
or Tropical (or any other kingbird) box, but it stubbornly would not fit.

Happy birding and happy Easter to those who celebrate,

David Tonnessen
Colorado Springs, CO

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