Date: 4/4/21 2:08 pm
From: Kimberly Jannarone <kimberlyjannarone...>
Subject: [CT Birds] Re: Spring migration and Brood X query
Yeah, we're definitely not an epicenter of the action. But we're in peripheral-emergence zones, and ground zero is right across state lines...

I wonder if birds flying in to CT will be affected by the all-you-can eat buffets they encounter en route? Maybe folks who've been birding here for a while can share if they're ever noticed a difference during a big cicada emergence year.

From: Roy Harvey <rmharvey...>
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Subject: Re: [CT Birds] Spring migration and Brood X query

It appears that Brood X doesn’t include Connecticut, so we won’t be seeing such things around here.

Roy Harvey
Cheshire, CT

On Apr 2, 2021, at 8:14 AM, Kimberly Jannarone <kimberlyjannarone...> wrote:

Hello Birders,

I'm wondering if the overlap in spring migration and the predicted emergence of cicada Brood X in May will make for any unusual activity. For example, will the abundance of easily-caught food change anything about the way migration unfolds? Will we see overstuffed thrushes and kingbirds with indigestion?

Any thoughts or sources of information on what we might expect would be welcome.

Kimberly Jannarone
New Haven
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