Date: 4/4/21 2:06 pm
From: Chris Bennett <tayben7...>
Subject: [obol] Yellow Warbler in Westmoreland
I think I just had a female Yellow Warbler come thru our yard and visit our
Red Flowering Currant. My first I thought this should be an Orange-Crowned
Warbler but the bill seemed thicker and it was a really bright yellow, like
a male American Goldfinch without the black shoulders and forehead. I could
see very very faint streaks on its chest and no eyeline just a dark eye
with a yellow face. Not sure if they are here this time of year yet. We
haven't had a Yellow warbler in our yard for years too. Two days ago a FOY
White-Crowned Sparrow showed up again still hanging around. Mid week we had
a Male Rufous Hummingbird stop by briefly.
Chris Bennett

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