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 I couldn't help wondering if Scott was perhaps avoiding risking a possible return trip to the Yellow Sea mudflats by not mentioning another reason (at ~10:43) for the Chinese government banning most further development - good ol' fashioned browning points or... Or hopefully there are 1 or 2 Chinese leaders who are discreetly trying to be help their people (& nature) such as  Hillel was.    


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Hello [your name],


It’s great you’re interested in helping with this great and important project!


Here’s a link to the section in the NYS BBA III Project that should help understanding the way to submit your data via eBird (through the atlas portal). But basically, you only need submit your sightings once in eBird – but you need to make an adjustment to the portal (a setting in eBird) that tells eBird how to use your data.  Once you change that setting, your data will get used by the NYS BBA III project.


I would also strongly suggest that you read through the Handbook to understand about block boundaries and the breeding codes before entering your data in the portal.  Those are key components to properly adding your sightings.  They aren’t hard to learn and it’s worth the effort to contribute to this great effort.


You can feel free to contact me off-list to my email below if you have any further questions,

~ Sue

Sue Barth
Orchard Park, NY
E: <suebarth...>
Mobile/Text:  716-474-3657
My Blog:
Instagram:  suebarth23


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I also heard the NPR Fresh Air interview the other day, enjoying it immensely!


I have a question about the NY Breeding Bird Atlas: So IF I submit a checklist for ebird, I need to submit a similar checklist for NY Breeding Bird Atlas, or will it count for both? I checked the help section but nothing was listed regarding my question. Thanks for your time!  my images

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