Date: 4/3/21 5:50 pm
From: Roy Gerig <roygerig2.0...>
Subject: [obol] Some excellent local birds, Marion/Polk Counties 4/3/21
There are still 1500 or more CACKLING GEESE (probably way more as I tend to
underestimate) that can be seen along Wintel Rd in Ankeny NWR. About 11:15
I had excellent looks at 3 ROSS'S GEESE. The ROGO I reported a week ago
has a characteristic limp in its gait and it is still there along with 2
new ones. I showed them to Daniel and his wife from Portland in my scope

Earlier I'd walked a short way toward the Rail Trail. On the way in I met
a 6 year old girl and her dad and her grandpa, Having forgotten my mask I
stepped off the trail to let them by at a safe distance, and looking back
to greet them saw a RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKER had just landed on a tree close
to the trail near them

I pointed it out and it was easy for the 6 year-old to see and she clearly
noticed that it is a woodpecker. I said it is called RED-BREASTED
SAPSUCKER. This is how amazingly perceptive little kids are: She asked me
why is it called a Sapsucker, does it suck sap? She already knew the
answer and of course I went ahead and explained it anyway. She and her dad
and grandpa seemed very happy and the Sapsucker was still there within 10
meters of them. I love encounters like that

I called Bill Tice to tell him about the Ross's Geese. Since he's been
gone a couple of months he would still need Ross's Goose for the year. In
that conversation he told me about the Mountain Bluebird in Baskett Slough
NWR that Don Berg had just found. This bird may have a very interesting
local history, the next couple of months will tell. Ask Bill if you want
to know more, and it is nothing to cast doubt on its provenance

I arrived about 11:45 at the MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRD spot and Russ Campbell was
right behind me. MOBL was the first bird we saw, Russ has some great
photos. Then Paul Sullivan and Bill Tice and another couple of birders
arrived, and the beautiful male MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRD put on an excellent
show. Russ and I walked down to the water and relocated the BLACK-BELLIED
PLOVER that Don reported

We came out of the birding doldrums of February and March and may be coming
out of Covid-19 if people continue to behave themselves, and here we are
it's early April. Things may be looking up

Roy Gerig, Salem OR

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