Date: 4/3/21 1:00 pm
From: Robert O'Brien <baro...>
Subject: [obol] Townsend Warbler 'crown stripe' ?
To: ID Frontiers

I'm curious about the 'crown stripe' on this Townsend's Warbler
photographed 03/21/2021 in Newport OR.

Must be a wintering bird as likely too early for a migrant.

Some years ago Townsends wintering in Oregon were assigned as breeders from
the Queen Charlotte Islands, BC
I also wonder about the current acceptance of this distribution.

A detailed discussion of ageing of Townsend's and Hermit Warblers is here
If I am reading Table 2 correctly, no stage of Townsend's plumage should
show yellow in the crown (Score = 8 in Table 2), but maybe I misinterpret.
I find few if any such birds in the Macaulay Library, but I did not check

Would this make it a Hermit Warbler intergrade? There doesn't seem to be
much else to indicate Hermit Warbler? Is it a transitional molt stage?
Hopefully Mr. Pyle might comment? Thanks to all for any assistance.

Bob OBrien Portland OR

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