Date: 4/2/21 5:13 pm
From: Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...>
Subject: [obol] Re: waterfowl on Amity-Ballevue Hwy
For the third day I got out to the shorebird flats 2 miles west of Amity at
10 o'clock this morning. The light was better than previous afternoon
visits, since I was looking west.

Changes from yesterday:

175 Shoveolers

450 Green-winged Teal

6 Black-bellied Plovers

25 Long-billed Dowitcher

10 Least Sandpipers

1 pair of Osprey - half a mile south of the water at the perennial nest
along Hwy 153.

Paul Sullivan

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Subject: RE: waterfowl on Amity-Ballevue Hwy

Based on a Whatsapp note from Jay Withgott, I returned to Amity-Bellevue Hwy
again this afternoon, 3-5 PM. Don Berg joined me about 4:30.

We saw:

50 Mallards

50 Am Wigeon

100 Shovelers

5 Pintails

200 Green-winged Teal

100 Dunlin

30 Greater Yellowlegs

2 Wilson's Snipe



5 Killdeer


40 peeps

6 Red-winged Blackbirds

2 Red-tailed Hawks courting in the air

1 Kestrel

1 Peregrine Falcon diving on the flying Dunlin

2 Turkey Vulture

1 Gt Blue Heron

Good birding,

Paul Sullivan

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Subject: waterfowl on Amity-Ballevue Hwy

This afternoon I checked out the waterfowl in the wet bottomland 2 miles
west of Amity, below the 90 degree corners on Amity-Bellevue Hwy.

30 Mallards

40 Am Wigeon

10 Shovelers

2 Pintails

200 Green-winged Teal

100 Dumlin

1 Lesser Yellowlegs

14 Greater Yellowlegs

1 Wilson's Snipe

I also saw the Osprey on a nest at the Willamina fishing pond, AKA
Huddleston Pond.

At home I still have my Lincoln's Sparrow.

Paul Sullivan


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