Date: 4/2/21 11:08 am
From: Alfred Maley <alfredmaley...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Drama in the Yard: Redtail Takes MODO From Cooper’s Hawk
At 2:30 PM I looked up from the puzzle to see a cloud of feathers rising
from the lawn and an adult female Cooper’s Hawk sitting on a not-yet-dead
Mourning Dove. I went for Linda’s camera, hoping to get a picture,
concerned that the hawk would quickly dispatch the dove and fly away with
it. But the hawk was staring at the sky, immobile. I took some pictures
through the slider until suddenly the Coop took off one way and the MODO
another way, not flying well. Suddenly into my field of view appeared a
Red-tailed Hawk, hot on the trail of the dove. It was short and sweet. The
Redtail then lifted off up into the trees to do some plucking and after a
few minutes it took off for parts unknown.

The Redtails in the neighborhood are pretty domesticated and they regularly
visit the ratla when food is scarce. But they don’t often get to savor
sunflower chip-fattened dove.

Al Maley
Hampstead, NH

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