Date: 4/2/21 12:22 am
From: Ginger Langdon-Lassagne via <binzer...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] 4/1 Condor in Sunnyvale! Also, Toucan, Bird of Paradise, and many Flamingos!
Yes, this is an April Fool’s Joke. But it’s also an opportunity to have some fun with the SCVAS Birdathon.

[California Condor, painted on the side of a home in Sunnyvale; light-up glass flamingos]

Today, the Foolish Flamingos Birdathon team went out into our neighborhoods and homes to find all the representations of birds in our vicinity. Birds are loved… wait, no… LOVED ❤️❤️❤️ universally and completely, if one is to judge by the way in which birders and non-birders alike show their affection in lawn ornaments, paintings, and even entire neighborhoods’ street naming conventions.

If this post brought you a smile, I hope you consider going to our Foolish Flamingoes Team Support Page <> and pledge a penny a species (approx. $3, cheaper than a large latte) for our efforts? Apologies for sidestepping the very clear guidelines posted earlier today (on the first of each month) in pursuit of a worth cause. It was just a bit of silliness.

Thanks for your tolerance!
Ginger Langdon-Lassagne

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