Date: 4/1/21 7:34 pm
From: <adamus7...>
Subject: [obol] the BBS is ON! Will you help?
Oregon Birders,

If you’re a service-minded birder, are willing to travel over a weekend to southern or eastern Oregon by yourself or with someone you know, and can identify most species by their songs, the North American Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) can really use your help! The BBS is the premier source of trends data for most bird species. For 50+ years those data, collected by volunteers, have been crucial for bird conservation. Due to the onset of the pandemic last year, the national office of the BBS decided to skip 2020 but it is definitely on for this year.

You can choose any day you want between late May and early July. Starting before sunrise, you drive a 25-mile prescribed route on rural roads, stopping every half mile to listen and write down the species you hear or see during a 3-minute period. You don’t need to look for nests or other evidence of breeding, and detailed instructions are provided. You should have normal hearing and be able to identify by sound all the species you’re likely to find on the route (lists of those species are provided). If there are a handful you’re not sure of, you can practice beforehand with short audio quizzes that are tailored to the specific area and month (for example, see: )

The locations of the 30 Oregon routes that still need coverage as of today can be found here: After selecting one or more of these routes, please notify me of your choice(s) during the next week or two. I’ll see that you receive a more detailed route map and data forms.

Thank you!

Paul Adamus
Oregon BBS Coordinator

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