Date: 4/1/21 7:06 pm
From: Bob Bailey <bohemewarbler...>
Subject: No sighting - more information re: Eleven Point State Park sale
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Missouri Birders, I'm passing further information regarding the sale of the Eleven Point State Park received via Facebook post from a friend. - original source: Mary Nemecek.

IMO, The Eleven Point River might me the greatest single resource for the well-being of migratory songbirds that reside in Missouri during the breeding and nesting cycle.


Your help is needed immediately to save Eleven Point State Park.
House Bill 1046 (HB 1046), a land conveyance bill, would authorize the Department of Natural Resources to sell or transfer state park property in Oregon County along the Eleven Point River. During the public hearing there was misinformation presented that was not clarified during the hearing – leading people to believe incorrectly:

Incorrectly stated- That there were no encumbrances on the sale of the park.

Fact: The deed requires the property always remain a state park
Incorrectly stated- That the proceeds from the sale could be used to clean up residential areas contaminated by lead.

Fact: Any proceeds from the sale must go back to the restoration fund at the US Department of the Interior

Incorrectly stated- That the property was not legally purchased

Fact: Eleven Point State Park was legally purchased by restoration funds intended to replace natural resources damaged by mining. This fund is overseen by the Department of Interior and managed by the trustees: US Fish and Wildlife, US Forest Service and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources

Incorrectly stated- That the land described in the bill was only the narrow federal easement along the Eleven Point River.

Fact: The bill describes the entire State Park.

To be clear: The park funds cannot be used for anything else--they cannot be used for remediation (cleanup of contaminated areas is done with separate EPA Superfund money); and the legal description contained in the bill includes the entire Eleven Point State Park, all the way to Highway Y
For more information about HB 1046 and the purchase of Eleven Point State Park, see attached or click here to download a fact sheet.<>

Please contact your state representative right away and tell them to vote NO on HB 1046, a bill to sell Eleven Point State Park! Public lands should stay in public hands! It is critical to reach out to your representative, regardless of party. Find contact information here:<>

Or send a letter through the Conservation Federation of Missouri's Legislative Action Center<>

Missouri State Parks belong to all Missourians.

Thank you for taking the time to speak up for Missouri’s state park system.

Bob Bailey
St. Louis, MO

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