Date: 4/1/21 5:37 am
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Subject: [NHBirds] Concord waterfowl and hawks (no cranes)
A group of us birded several of Concord's waterfowl sites yesterday with good results. BTW, folks should get out this morning if they can to see what might have been brought down by the rain/snow. 
Our highlights were a good variety of mostly diving ducks plus a modest but fun hawk flight. We went to Horseshoe Pond, Hoit Road Marsh, and Turtle Pond. No cranes but lots of birds and fun! Highlights: 
WoodDuck- most have blended into their breeding grounds but we had several nice looks at this species. Ring-necked Duck- about 100in total with 30 or so at Horseshoe and twice asmany individuals at Hoit Road Marsh.

Bufflehead- two or threeat Hoit Road and Ken and I saw two more on Snow Pond after the officialtrip was over.

CommonGoldeneye- one adult male plus several sub-adult males and a couple of females,all at Hoit Road.

HoodedMerganser- at least six at Hoit Road with a nice “performance” by two ofthe males.

CommonMerganser- several, mostly fly-bys.

Double-crestedCormorant- two adults at Hoit Road. A “first of the season”species.

We were treated to a small stream of hawks at the end of the morning from the deck at Turtle Pond TurkeyVulture- one or more. 

Osprey- a first of the season for all of us.

BaldEagle- an adult eagle, which obligingly came in from the south to fish and perch. Anne also sawone during our drive.

Sharp-shinnedHawk- one bird with ID lessons from Ken.

Red-shoulderedHawk- one bird with ID lessons from Ken.

Red-tailedHawk- one briefly at Horseshoe and then two during “hawk hour” at TurtlePond.

Killdeer-one heard at Turtle Pond.
AmericanKestrel- one male by Bob and Ken at Maplewood Farm.
CommonRaven- one where we met christened the first "Raven Fans" walk of the year!
TreeSwallow- flocks of about 30 at Horseshoe and ten at Turtle Pond werefirst of the season for most of us.

AmericanTree Sparrow- a brief but decent look at one before it flitted away, soon tohead north.

Red-wingedBlackbird- normally not a highlight at this time of the spring but one male at Horseshoe was vigorously showing off its colorful "shoulders" by lifting those patches well clear of its other wing feathers. Impressive!

Bob Quinn with great assistance from Ken Klapper, along with Tom, Dot, Nola, Diana, Jack, Anne, Sylvia, Sally, Kathleen, and Miki. 
Bird on!
Robert A. QuinnMerlin Wildlife Tours 
"Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons and daughters of the earth." Chief Seattle  

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