Date: 3/31/21 7:07 pm
From: Bird observations from western New York <geneseebirds-l...>
Subject: Re: [GeneseeBirds-L] Braddock Bay Hawk Watch March 2021 Summary Video
Lots of good and fun information!!
Thank you much, David!!!
The summary info makes trying to write monthly bird summaries much easier.Bob Spahn
On Wednesday, March 31, 2021, 07:53:17 PM EDT, Bird observations from western New York <geneseebirds-l...> wrote:

We are now one third of the way through the Braddock Bay Hawk Watch 2021 season. I made a YouTube video comparing the March 2021 raptor totals to previous March totals:
I have also been uploading daily miscellaneous videos from the hawk watch into a playlist:
I also made a playlist of my raptor identification videos that you can find here:
You can find the totals for this March and all previous March totals on HawkCount:
My brother Bobby and I also have an informational birding website called LycoBirds with many  articles, guides, and quizzes that you may like to check out:
Flock size estimator game: alpha code guide and quiz: bird ID quizzes:
Good birding!
David BrownBraddock Bay Hawk Watch Counter 2021
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