Date: 3/31/21 4:43 pm
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Subject: [GeneseeBirds-L] Vitale Park Waterfowl - Bad Weather Brings Good Ducks

It has been a challenging spring birding for waterfowl on Conesus Lake. It
seemed the Lake was slow to thaw and once it did, the temperatures shot up
into the 50's and 60's, encouraging every kind of human recreational
activity imaginable - motor boats, kayaks, SUP's and even a powered
parachute (much to my chagrin.) I would imagine this activity doesn't bode
well for wildlife and the ducks seemed scattered all over the place and of
course, always in between people's houses. Today's bad weather brought some
good luck.

This evening I checked out Vitale Park, which has been somewhat lackluster
lately and was fortunate to observe a nice variety of the usual March/April
species - horned grebe, red-breasted merganser, common merganser, lesser
scaup, greater scaup, redhead, bufflehead, as well as common loon and a
smattering of common goldeneye. I also saw rafts of aythya which were too
far out for identification - even with a scope. Maybe a tufted duck on the
horizon? The waters were calm for a change and the sun came out during the
last few moments of the day making for good visibility.

While the bufflehead don't breed here, the males were displaying almost
comical breeding behaviors, flying in low at each other and doing a little
head/neck bob, as were the common mergansers. There may be one lone pair
of common mergansers that actually breed on this Lake, as I've seen young
ones in the summer for the last couple of years at Vitale Park.

I probably wouldn't have gone out tonight, but saw a report of two Great
Egrets at the Midway Pond of the Conesus Inlet, seen this morning by John
and Bonny VanDerMeid. I observed one great egret before it took off for
parts unknown.

Happy birding,
Terry Bohling <terrybohling1956...>

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Midway Pond, Conesus Inlet

Vitale Park

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