Date: 3/30/21 9:46 am
From: Mike Ambrose <mikeambrose920...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Sunnyvale WPCP
The trails leading to the Sunnyvale WPCP ponds are open again (construction
is still ongoing for the path to A4, which is only accessible via a
detour). Many of the usual suspects were present - a dozen COMMON
GALLINULES, a single BLUE-WINGED TEAL in the channel to the east of the
East Pond, a few CINNAMON TEAL mixed in.

Most interesting to me was a partial leucistic NORTHERN SHOVELER (picture
attached) in the channel to the east of the West Pond
<>. It was cool to see a Northern
Shoveler with male plumage and that bright orange bill. Looking at other
examples of leucistic Northern Shovelers, this seems to be common -
suggesting there's some dark pigment produced by the males but that the
"base" color of the bill is orange. I'd be curious if anybody knew more
about this mechanism or could correct me if I'm wrong.

I wrote a self-guided field trip
Sunnyvale WPCP - if you haven't been before or want some sense of what you
might see (or just want to know where to park!), it has some useful

Happy birding!

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