Date: 3/29/21 8:42 pm
From: Josh Bruening <87211jjb...>
Subject: [cobirds] Broad-winged Hawk-Grandview Cemetery-Larimer County

Stopped at Grandview Cemetery on the way home from work for a quick walk
around. Ran into David Wade and we spent 30 minutes watching birds zip
quickly by in the steady breeze. It seems as though the local Turkey
Vultures have made it back. I tallied 39 flying over the golf course just
before I left. But while walking with DWade, I had no sooner mentioned
that we should keep our eyes open for Zone-tailed Hawks mixed in with the
TVs than a Dark morph Broad-winged juvie flew over us. I managed a couple
of pictures. They can be found in my Ebird checklist below. This is the
earliest Colorado record on Ebird. Frankly, I'm surprised the bird was
this far north in the state for an early record. I'm guessing that the
strong S/SW winds today may have had something to do with this bird's early
arrival. I would love to know where this bird started it's day and how far
it had traveled before we got our eyes on it. This was a striking looking
bird. Sometimes feel lucky that we are on the western end of their range
where the Dark morph is always a possibility.

Bird is the word!!

Josh Bruening
Fort Collins

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