Date: 3/29/21 10:40 am
From: Tori Morgan <toribird...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Hearing birds songs from indoors
This is also a great way to monitor for owls in your yard.  That was my
original purpose when I installed my first one several years ago.  My
best "catch" was a barn owl which I did not know visited my forested
place.  It was having a "war of words" with a Barred Owl at 2:00 AM and
woke me up.  If not for the baby monitor I would have never known.  It
will only pick up quiet little screech owls if they are fairly close to
the monitor.  On the other hand, several times it has called my
attention to migrating geese or cranes overhead and rufous hummers
performing mating dives in the backyard.  More recently I installed a
second unit in an area frequented by low foraging warblers, sparrows and
wrentits.  I'm fortunate to have AC outlets in both locations, one a
gazebo and the 2nd at my wellhouse. I can't even guess the number of
times my monitor has sent me racing outside to find something uncommon
at my place like the somewhat shy Evening Grosbeaks that only stop by
occasionally but are fairly vocal from their perch in the treetops. 
Btw, 2nd-hand units are easy to find at thrift stores for as little as $5.

Tori Morgan

Cottage Grove

> From: Kevin Smith<kevinsmithnaturephotos...>
> Subject: [obol] Hearing birds songs from indoors
> Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2021 10:09:50 -0700
> Do you have trouble hearing bird songs while having your morning
> coffee?  Here is a solution:  A Baby Monitor.  For as little as $15  you
> will be able to hear many of the songs your birds are singing right
> outside your double/triple glassed windows.  They work with batteries or
> plugin AC (the latter being the best way).  Place the 'baby' side unit
> under an outside protected area and the 'adult' unit inside your home.
> Turn them on and hear birds again.  If you have any question feel free
> to contact me by email or phone
> # 541-350-3895
> Kevin Smith
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