Date: 3/28/21 10:49 pm
From: Jim Dehnert <dehnert...>
Subject: Re: [southbaybirds] Pine Siskins
Hi all,

Response so far indicates that there are still plenty of Pine Siskins still
around -- we've beaten that subject to death. Audubon (SCVAS) is putting
together a feeder recommendation to be sent soon, and I hope that it will
be updated as the situation changes, for those of you who may have been
motivated by that concern.

To keep track of local Pine Siskin sightings, eBird has a report here
<> with a bar chart that suggests
that it'll be a couple of months before the local population drops away.

In general, you can go to * <>*, click on *Explore*,
click on *Species Maps*, and choose a species and location (hotspot, town,
county, etc.) to get a map of sightings, with the last week in red. That's
a much more complete and less invasive approach than asking 1200 SBB
members for individual memories. :-)

Happy birding!
Jim Dehnert, list administrator

On Sun, Mar 28, 2021 at 4:58 PM <dottycala...> via <DOTTYCALA=
<> wrote:

> This week I have neither heard nor seen any Pine Siskins in our Mountain
> View neighborhood. Have others seen/heard them in the county this past
> week? Is it possible they have finally migrated? Let me know where you've
> seen them recently.
> Thanks!
> Dotty Calabrese

Jim Dehnert

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