Date: 3/28/21 10:05 pm
From: Bill Bauriedel <bill.bauriedel...>
Subject: Re: [southbaybirds] Pine Siskins
Likewise, there are probably about a couple dozen or more in our
neighborhood. There were many more last week and the week before, so this
group may be downsizing and migrating. This seems unusual to me as I would
think they would all move on at the same time. This group is easy to hear
and harder to see, but anyone can come and see for themselves. We live
near Hoover Elementary School and JLS in Palo Alto. There is a bike path
along the fences that border on these two schools. Directly opposite the
tennis courts at JLS is a large evergreen tree in someone's backyard and
the Pine Siskins hang out most of the time in this tree. The tree is
easily visible from the path. There is a lot of chattering going on.

Bill Bauriedel

On Sun, Mar 28, 2021 at 1:58 PM <dottycala...> via <DOTTYCALA=
<> wrote:

> This week I have neither heard nor seen any Pine Siskins in our Mountain
> View neighborhood. Have others seen/heard them in the county this past
> week? Is it possible they have finally migrated? Let me know where you've
> seen them recently.
> Thanks!
> Dotty Calabrese

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