Date: 3/28/21 4:47 am
From: Alan & Joan Linquist <linquists...>
Subject: [wisb] Manitowoc
We had a sparse but interesting time when we birded in Manitowoc yesterday.  The steady rain kept a lot of bird under wraps, but in Shuette Park, there were a few interesting things.  A pair of common mergansers floated along one edge of the river, while across the stream, we could spot a Great Horned Owl, steady and quiet in a tree.  My wife saw a large white march bird, which could either have been a swan or an egret.       While we were downtown in the rain, we spotted a woodcock on the sidewalk, very still and unconscious, but sitting in an upright position.  Our best guess is that it was migrating and ran into one of the buildings.  No one seemed to know whether the area had a wildlife rescue facility, so the police were called to find someone to pick up the bird.  We think it was dead, but I hope things turned out better than that.       This was my first sighting of a woodcock, so sad that it was dead, and the second ever of a great horned owl, although I've he
ard them a number of times.  Alan Linquist    Washington County (but in Manitowoc County)
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