Date: 3/27/21 11:08 pm
From: Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...>
Subject: [obol] Tillamook county today
I had a good day birding Tillamook county today. The weather was sunny and
pleasant, high 40's to high 50's. Lots of people.


10 BLACK PHOEBES I remember when we were happy to find one.

3 on Meda Loop (between Hwys 22 & 101) at two different dairies

2 on Nestucca Bay NWR

2 at Whiskey Creek fish hatchery south end of Netarts Bay

1 at south edge of Meares Lake

2 on Fenk Rd

1 juvenile Northern Shrike on the beach at the tip of the south spit, at
the mouth of Sand Lake estuary. It was hunting bugs on the sand, using the
stakes that mark off the Snowy Plover nesting area as perches. I saw no

8 Bald Eagles

1 adult on nest at Sitka Sedge St. Pk

4 adults and 3 immatures on mudflats of Tillamook Bay

57 Great Egrets on Netarts Bay


1 Rufous challenged my red shirt on Meda Loop

3 Rufous at feeders at Whiskey Creek fish hatchery

1 Anna's at parking lot of Nestucca Bay NWR

7 Anna's at feeders at Whiskey Creek fish hatchery

450 Bufflehead on Tillamook Bay

100 Brant on Tillamook Bay

1200 each of Canada and cackling geese

No warblers! No kites.

52 species total.

(When Carol Karlen rode the school bus on Meda Loop (c. 1950) all those
now-decaying barns supported families. The new houses weren't there, and
neither were the Black Phoebes.)

Good birding, everyone,

Paul Sullivan

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