Date: 3/27/21 6:00 pm
From: Steve Patt <stevenpatt...>
Subject: Re: [southbaybirds] Lazuli Bunting at Santa Teresa
Interesting. As I try to read/extrapolate Billís graph, it looks like this yearís date would be April 4. It also appear to be not uncommon (10 examples on the graph) for the actual date to be 7-10 days earlier, so my sighting on the 25th is not wildly out of line. Nevertheless Iíve still withdrawn it from the public record barring confirmation.

Steve Patt
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Subject: Re: [southbaybirds] Lazuli Bunting at Santa Teresa


I've attached a phenology plot for Lazuli Bunting. The arrival trend is about half a day earlier each year. There is an unusually early record for 3/28/96 by David Suddjian in the Gilroy area (and was noted as exceptionally early by him in his report). There are a number of birds that welcome spring by showing their ability to mimic other bird's spring songs. Not the least is another finch, the Purple Finch, who in the past has embarrassed a number of experienced observers with it excellent renditions of Warbling and Cassin's Vireo songs.


On 3/26/2021 2:20 PM, Garrett Lau wrote:
I just came from Santa Teresa County Park. I spent most of the time looking for the Lazuli Bunting, but I did not find it. I did see and hear a House Wren, which sounds similar to me, but I talked to Steve when he arrived as I was leaving, and he said that he can tell the difference.

Along the dirt trail that leads to the restroom for the Pueblo Day Use Area, I saw and heard a Red Crossbill.

Garrett Lau

On Fri, Mar 26, 2021 at 1:34 PM Al Eisner via<> <eisner...><mailto:<SLAC.Stanford.EDU...>> wrote:
Hi, Steve:

If I were going to suggest an alternative of similar size and similar
light/dark patter, it would be Rufous-crowned Sparrow. We know they
ca be singing at this time of year, and that the park is a good place
for them. The songs can generally be differentiated, but perhaps a
less common variant could be confused. I'm not suggesting that it was
one, just something for you to consider. eBird show no March records
for any year locally. Bill will no doubt have better data on early
arrival dates in April. But it may well be a really odd year.


On Fri, 26 Mar 2021, Steve Patt wrote:

> It was not a Mockingbird, I assure you. I couldnít have made a positive ID from the visual I had, but I could definitely make a negative one. It was definitely the right size and shape for a Lazuli, with the correct general light/dark pattern (which was all I could see as it was facing me almost head-on ó darker head area, lighter belly). And of course the song.
> Steve Patt
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> Subject: Re: [southbaybirds] Lazuli Bunting at Santa Teresa
> Steve, yours is the only "recent" sighting in California.
> I looked at ebird's Lazuli bunting sightings map, checking roughly the western 2/3 of California for red markers (starting well into Oregon and continuing well into Mexico) and found nothing. Then I checked the unconfirmed sightings for California for the last 7 days--the rare bird alert--and found only your Santa Teresa sighting.
> Let's hope someone re-finds the bird and confirms that it isn't a mockingbird with a long memory.
> On Fri, Mar 26, 2021 at 8:44 AM Steve Patt <stevenpatt...><mailto:<stevenpatt...><mailto:<stevenpatt...><mailto:<stevenpatt...>>> wrote:
> Just following up on this posting. I checked my records from past years (including last year) and this sighting was definitely early. Last year my first sighting, at virtually the identical spot in Santa Teresa CP, was on April 20, and April 20 of 2018 was my first sighting by the water tank at Rancho San Antonio, one of the most reliable spots in the county for the species. However, I am 100% confident of the ID based on the song (not on the sighting itself, which was too far away and with the naked eye). So either LAZB have shown up earlier this year, or this one individual was just an outlier.
> Steve Patt
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> Subject: [southbaybirds] Lazuli Bunting at Santa Teresa
> Out running at Santa Teresa CP this afternoon I had my first (THE first for the county according to eBird) Lazuli Bunting of the year, on the hillside above the Ridge Trail just after it splits off from the Hidden Springs Trail. I had no bins but it sang multiple times and was visible by eye (not well, to be sure).
> Steve Patt


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