Date: 3/27/21 7:01 am
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Subject: Re: [GeneseeBirds-L] Snow Geese question...
I'd try the Main Pool (as seen from the Observation Tower at the beginning
of the Seneca Trail)(Wildlife Drive is closed till April 1st -road
conditions permitting). The tower will at least give you a good view of the
ccx expanse of the main pool.
Next I'd try the north end of Cayuga Lake near the State Park. Start at
the north end of Lower Lake Rd. (just off Rt 89 where it meets with E.
Bayard Extension). Follow lower lake road south and thru the Park till it
finally rejoins with Rt.89.
Next I'd return to the Refuge and try Knox Marcellus/Puddlers Marsh as seen
from the East Rd. overlook.
Next I'd head down East Rd. till it joins Rt. 89 and take a right onto Rt.
89. Follow 89 till it meets Rt.31. Take a right onto Rt. 31 (heading east)
and drive thru the "Mucklands".
If not there, continue on 31E until you cross the bridge. Soon after you
cross that bridge look for a road called Loop Rd. Take a left onto it and
almost immediately on your left will be a DEC Unit (the name of which
escapes me now).
Good luck and don't lose heart. Finding them can be a real "Crap-shoot".
Case in point: late one day recently there was an estimated 400,000 snow
geese along Lower Lake Rd. I went down the very next morning to find NONE!!
Good luck and happy hunting!
Pete Sar

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> Hello. I'm going to Montezuma tomorrow in search of Snow Geese. Could the
> group give me ideas of which roads to drive down to see them best?
> Phoebes are baaaack!
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