Date: 3/27/21 6:20 am
From: Dave & Margaret Brasser <2shebbirders...>
Subject: [wisb] Harlequin in Sheboygan River
Thanks to eBird posts by others, we began our Friday afternoon of birding
viewing the Sheboygan River on the west side of the 8th Street bridge. Sure
enough: There was the beautiful Harlequin Duck! We checked the marina and
lakefront before driving west to the Sheboygan Marsh area. On Hulls
Crossing Road we found the Osprey on the nesting platform north of Cty Tk C,
where Hulls Crossing Road bends from north to west. There's a large pond at
the north end of School Road that was loaded with ducks and geese. Viewing
the marsh waters from the parking lot by the Marsh Tower, we found 3
Pied-billed Grebes floating together. Thanks to another eBird post, we
found the Common Loon on the west end of Elkhart Lake, viewing it from the
public boat landing. In the village of Elkhart Lake, at the south end of
The Osthoff Resort, there is a large woodlot across the street from the
resort. As we drove past, we spotted 10 very large black birds hunkered
down in 2 tall deciduous trees. It was overcast, cold, and damp; the
temperature was 37*. There were probably no thermals for the vultures to
soar on, so they were spending the afternoon perched as a group in the
trees. They looked grim and despondent (kind of like Snoopy in the Peanuts
cartoon where he pretends to be a vulture). Driving east across the county
on MM, the next "hotspot" was the intersection with Rangeline Road. Among
the many birds in the area we spotted our FOY Rusty Blackbirds in the large
Cottonwoods by the bridge over the stream. And finally, the pond at the
intersection of Rowe Road and Brookdale Road produced numerous ducks and
geese, and north beyond the pond we found 4 Great Blue Herons on nests on
top of tall skinny trees beyond the northeast side of the pond. So comical
to see these huge birds perched on the very tops of the tallest trees! "Oh,
the weather outside was frightful, but birding was so delightful, and since
we've nothing else to do, let it rain, let it snow, let it blow!"
--Margaret & Dave Brasser
Sheboygan County

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