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Subject: [obol] Re: fiction books with birders as protagonists?
Beverly Cleary died yesterday at 104 years old. Henry and Ramona lived on Klickitat Street. "Klickitat" is an aboriginal name for "Steller's Jay". Many of us spent time on Chistmas Day standing in the middle of se 43rd Street in Portland, equidistant from Henry and Ramona Streets. The NYT was  quick to eulogize her. But l'm confident the Times will never truly wrap its brain around the real Oregon , a place where rare birds, residential suburbia, and literature form a continuum, a four dimensional stream of consciousness .Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone
-------- Original message --------From: <adamus7...> Date: 3/26/21 8:37 PM (GMT-08:00) To: <adamus7...>, 'OBOL' <obol...> Subject: [obol] Re: fiction books with birders as protagonists? Thanks, everyone, for the recommendations.  Fear not, I won't become tooparochial in my reading, but this is a greater wealth of options than I hadimagined.A few of you asked who authored the 2 novels I mentioned (I forgot toinclude the author names):  "Nome" is by Lee F. Snyder.  "Border Songs" isby Jim Lynch.  Both are available at least from Amazon.Paul Adamus-----Original Message-----From: <obol-bounce...> <obol-bounce...> On Behalf <Ofadamus7...>: Thursday, March 25, 2021 1:17 PMTo: 'OBOL' <obol...>Subject: [obol] fiction books with birders as protagonists?Fellow birders,There are many non-fiction memoirs and travelogues written by birders,perhaps the best-known being "Kingbird Highway" (by Kenn Kaufman), "BirdingWithout Borders" (by Oregon's own Noah Stryker), and the semi-fictional "TheBig Year (by Mark Obmascik).  But what about fictional works?  Partlybecause their authors happened to be first- or second-hand acquaintances, Irecently read a couple of fun novels where a birder was the lead character:"Nome" and "Border Songs".  Can anyone recommend other works of fiction(perhaps partly based on fact) that feature a birder, hopefully in arespectful way?Paul AdamusCorvallis*******UNSUBSCRIBE: OBOL Contact moderator:<obol-moderators...>*******UNSUBSCRIBE: archives: moderator: <obol-moderators...>
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