Date: 3/26/21 12:32 pm
From: Jeff Bledsoe <bledsoephotography...>
Subject: [obol] Rufous male, Lake Oswego
We had a Rufous male to the feeder at dusk 7:35pm today. Stayed a long
time, first I've seen this spring but haven't been monitoring the feeders
much this spring.

This was especially sweet because we still have Varied Thrush each
morning. Two today. Some years back i stopped hauling away fall leaves
and instead rake them into the planting beds and flower beds. They love
this late winter and spring, lots for them to work through each day. This
year they are actually tolerant of me being around, just moving to the
trees and singing then returning when I leave.

Two days ago I put up the two nyjer feeders, today they were full of pine
siskins at lunchtime. At least I believe that's what they were. Some


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