Date: 3/25/21 3:32 pm
From: Tom and Carol Stoner <tcstonefam...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Mystery Raptor at Nisqually
Hey, wise birders, I saw a pale raptor perched across McAllister Creek from
the midpoint of the boardwalk. The wings were a warm beige, the head and
breast cream, and I thought I saw a beige-ish belly band. I never got a
good look at the head in profile. I discarded male No. Harrier because it
wasn't a silvery gray. I settled on leucistic Red Tail as a possibility.
However, it was joined by a bird that most resembled a 3rd yr. Bald Eagle
that perched at the very top of the same tree. When both birds flew, the
pale bird flew like a Bald Eagle and showed some gray mottling on the
undersides of the wings. Both birds flew east along the ridge and started
soaring over the freeway.

This bird attracted a lot of attention and speculation, but no one I talked
to had a guess, information or a scope. Has anyone else seen or
photographed this bird? ID?

Carol Stoner
here on the accidental island that is West Seattle

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