Date: 3/25/21 10:28 am
From: Chuq Von Rospach via <chuqui...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Coyote Valley OSP 3/24
I spent a couple of hours yesterday morning in the lot at Coyote Valley OSP doing some birding while I experimented with some new camera gear. I didn't see any of the hopeful spring birds yet, but it was a very pleasant time. As I arrived, I noticed a golden eagle soaring over the meadow. It looked to me to be full adult.

The Rock Wrens came by to troll me as usual, flying up from behind and landing on the fence just out of reach, then jumping back down to the ground to run under my camp chair. I feel like if I brought sunflower seeds they'd chickadee them out of my hand (but I won't).

Of most interest to me were a large number of kettling turkey vultures (at one point I counted 20), and an ongoing, large number of ravens. I also had > 20 in the sky at one point, but they were around and often flying and soaring the entire time I was there. There were some pairs soaring separately from the larger group, and then a larger group. This seemed very much the spring "hello, my name is Jerry, you're cute" mixer going on. There were more Ravens in the area bugging and chattering, along with a smaller number of crows.

At one point a few of them harrassed a bird, which I originally thought was a turkey vulture but when I got a better look turned out to be a very dark red-tailed. There was a second, lighter red-tail that soared around on and off as well.

Nothing super special, but just a nice, quiet morning of enjoying the sunshine and cussing at the camera gear (one piece got rejected and is going back, the video gear stuff is starting to prove itself...)


Chuq Von Rospach
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Silicon Valley, California

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