Date: 3/25/21 10:29 am
From: John Thomas <johnpam...>
Subject: [obol] Rufous Hummingbirds & Bandtail Pigeon - N Silverton
We have 3 Rufous Hummingbirds that settled in on Tuesday, March 23. Two male and one female. (Two male Rufous came through twice earlier in March but didn’t stay.)
There are 5 Flowering Red Currants blooming on our place now with seven feeders around the house so the dominant Rufous cannot control all the food sources.
Anna’s Hummers outnumber the Rufous at least 2 x 1 but were immediately run off most of the feeders and flowers.

Yesterday afternoon, March 24th, one Bandtail Pigeon came into our feeder area. Usually, one or two will check out the situation for several days before the gang shows up. We’ll see...

Signs of Spring!
John Thomas
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