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Subject: [cobirds] Re: New Options for Birding State Wildlife Areas
Pam expresses a misunderstanding that often comes up about the Search and
Rescue (SAR) fees on hunting and fishing licenses. This fee is not
"coverage" for anything, but is simply a donation to SAR for purchase of
new equipment and for training of their volunteers. SAR never charges for
a rescue. You will be charged for medical care provided by professionals,
but not by the volunteer SAR's. if you want better and complete coverage
for that, you should check with your health insurance company and perhaps
become a member of Reach air ambulance services. I also carry a SPOT
satellite unit (buy one at REI) so that I can alert SAR instantly from
anywhere in the world if I'm in a life threatening situation, as well as
rescue if we are simply stranded, such as a vehicle breakdown in the
backcountry. SPOT works with GEOS International insurance out of Houston.
That way, I do have insurance that will evacuate my wife or myself from any
life threatening situation that we have anywhere in the world, with the
exception of about a half dozen hotspots that most of us won't get near to

On Tuesday, March 23, 2021 at 3:23:26 PM UTC-6 <acer......> wrote:

> Hello Birders,
> I received the below message from CPW today. Starting May 1, you will be
> able to purchase a Colorado State Wildlife Area Pass, similar to a state
> parks pass, to access SWAs. You will no longer be required to purchase a
> hunting or fishing license for access. See details on pricing and more
> below.
> I'm looking forward to exploring these areas and grateful to CPW for
> listening to residents and adding the new option.
> Amy
> Amy Cervene
> Arvada, Jefferson
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> From: Colorado Parks and Wildlife <dnr_cpw_......>
> Date: Tue, Mar 23, 2021 at 10:30 AM
> Subject: Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission approves new pass for
> state wildlife areas
> To: <acer......>
> *Travis Duncan Statewide Public Information Officer 720-595-8294
> <(720)%20595-8294> / <travis.duncan...>*
> *Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission approves new pass for state
> wildlife areas*
> March 23, 2021
> DENVER – At its virtual meeting last week, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife
> Commission voted unanimously to approve a new Colorado State Wildlife Area
> Pass as an option to access state wildlife areas. The new pass will go on
> sale May 1, 2021.
> “This is an important step in ensuring everyone who visits our state
> wildlife areas is contributing to their management and maintenance,” said
> CPW Director Dan Prenzlow.
> The annual Colorado SWA Pass will be available on May 1, 2021 by visiting
> any CPW office or online at
> <>.
> The pass will be priced similarly to a resident annual fishing license and
> revenue from the new SWA pass will be used to manage and maintain SWAs.
> *Colorado State Wildlife Area Pass*
> annual: $36.08*
> 1 day: $9
> Youth (ages 16-17) annual: $10.07
> Senior (ages 65 and older) annual: $10.07
> Low-income annual: $10.07
> (Fees include a $1.50 Wildlife Education Fund surcharge)
> *Plus a fee of $10.40 for a Colorado Wildlife Habitat Stamp
> The annual pass is valid from March 1 – March 31 of the following year,
> also aligning with the 13-month season for fishing licenses in Colorado.
> *History and funding of state wildlife areas in Colorado*
> CPW now manages more than 350 SWAs, all set aside to conserve wildlife
> habitat with dollars from hunting and angling licenses. Those funds are
> also matched with federal income from the excise taxes collected on the
> sale of hunting and fishing equipment.
> While these properties have been identified as critical wildlife habitat,
> over the years they have also gained significant value for outdoor
> recreationists.
> Because these properties have always been open to the public, not just to
> the hunters and anglers that purchased them and pay for their maintenance,
> many people now visit these properties and use them as they would any other
> public land.
> As Colorado’s population - and desire for outdoor recreation - has
> continued to grow, a significant increase in traffic to these SWAs has
> disrupted wildlife, the habitat the areas were acquired to protect, and the
> hunters and anglers whose contributions were critical to acquiring these
> properties.
> That’s why in July of 2020, new regulations went into effect requiring all
> visitors 18 or older to possess a valid hunting or fishing license to
> access any SWA leased by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.
> CPW had historically been bound by stringent guidance from the U.S. Fish
> and Wildlife Service on how income earned from these properties could be
> accounted for, making the creation of another kind of pass to access these
> areas financially unfeasible. But in late 2020, CPW received approval from
> the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for a new accounting approach that made
> adding a pass as an option for access to these properties feasible.
> In November 2020, an SWA Working Group was created with CPW staff and
> stakeholders from around the state to determine what a new pass might look
> like.
> *A new State Wildlife Area Pass*
> At its January 2021 meeting, the CPW Commission heard recommendations from
> the SWA Working Group on creating a new Colorado SWA Pass.
> *Recommendations:*
> The group recommended pricing the annual pass at a similar level to the
> annual fishing license, offering discounted passes to youth and seniors
> priced comparably to youth and senior fishing licenses, offering a 1-day
> pass option priced comparably to the 1-day parks pass, requiring a Habitat
> Stamp and a surcharge for the Wildlife Management Public Education Fund in
> addition to the pass, and offering a discounted low-income annual pass
> option. The age at which a hunting license, fishing license or SWA pass is
> required to access SWAs was reduced to all persons 16 years and older to
> better correspond to the youth pass and license options.
> Now that the Colorado SWA Pass is available, the SWA Working Group will
> move into Phase II of its work, completing an audit of all Colorado’s SWAs
> to determine which properties may require additional restrictions on
> allowed activities, seasonal closures for wildlife, and reviews to
> determine if the property is still meeting its intended purpose as a
> wildlife area.
> More information and SWA FAQ about CPW’s state wildlife areas is available on
> CPW’s website
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> CPW is an enterprise agency, relying primarily on license sales, state
> parks fees and registration fees to support its operations, including:
> 42 state parks and more than 350 wildlife areas covering approximately
> 900,000 acres, management of fishing and hunting, wildlife watching,
> camping, motorized and non-motorized trails, boating and outdoor education.
> CPW's work contributes approximately $6 billion in total economic impact
> annually throughout Colorado.
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