Date: 3/25/21 7:10 am
From: Pam Hunt <biodiva...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Sparrows and waterfowl in Canterbury
This morning we took a three hour walk around Brookford Farm in Canterbury,
and tallied 42 species - probably my highest single eBird checklist of the
year so far.

There was a nice diversity of the expected waterfowl on either the back
wetland or along the river, including a total of 18 Wood Ducks. The
highlights were right near the farm store, where there were SINGING Field
and White-crowned Sparrows!! The latter came in to a playback and turned out
to be an immature, and I suspect both overwintered locally since it's a bit
early for Field and a month early for White-crowned. Sparrows in general
were well-represented, with over 30 songs and a dozen Trees, many of the
latter also singing as they prepare to head north in the next couple of

Other highlights were more Killdeer and phoebes, lots of blackbirds, and a
flock of 29 turkeys. On the downside, our "forest friends" were scarce, with
1 each chickadee and RB Nuthatch, and 3 titmice. Four creepers was the only
exception here, and we missed WBNU entirely.

Pam Hunt and Unity Dienes


"The most dangerous worldview is the worldview of those who have not viewed
the world."

- Alexander von Humboldt

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