Date: 3/24/21 10:07 am
From: Carole Hallett <carole.hallett...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Red-shouldered Hawks in Clackamas County
I have not confirmed a successful Red-shouldered Hawk (RSHA) nest in
Multnomah County but I observed an adult working on a nest along NE 33rd
Ave west of PDX in ~2010 in the days before leaves obscured the view of the
nest. Although I made repeated visits to the area I was unable to
determine if the nest was used. I have banded two hatch-year RSHA near PDX
- one in mid-August 2015 and one in early September 2005. I keep looking
but haven't found an active nest yet.

Carole Hallett
Portland, OR

On Wed, Mar 24, 2021 at 1:54 AM larspernorgren <larspernorgren...>

> I doubt that breeding has been CONFIRMED in any of these counties.
> Red-shoulders become remarkably secretive during breeding season. The
> circumstantial evidence is mounting, ever so slowly. Finding a nest with
> eggs or unfledged young requires considerably more effort than modern
> birders typically wish to exert, even if the sacred cow of private property
> weren't part of the formula. Even sightings of adult Red-shoulders all but
> cease in nesting season in central Lane County where they have been
> relatively common for two decades.
> A similar situation pertains with crows and Ravens. They are
> impossible to ignore most of the year. But with eggs or young in the nest
> they become all but impossible to detect. It has been close to 50 years
> since the first confirmed 'shoulder in Oregon, but l would be surprised if
> ten nests have been documented statewide. For that matter, how many
> counties in western Oregon have documented a Black Phoebe nest? Surely
> they breed in all of them, but l'll bet half of them don't have a confirmed
> nest. Or Scrubjays in coastal counties: I'll bet no one has found a nest
> north of Curry County. I've found a Scrubjay nest once in 52 years. Largely
> due to lack of effort, but l find Robin nests every year.
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> From: TIM JANZEN <tjanzen...>
> Date: 3/23/21 9:22 PM (GMT-08:00)
> To: <obol...>
> Subject: [obol] Red-shouldered Hawks in Clackamas County
> Today I had a pair of RED-SHOULDERED HAWKS near Molalla in Clackamas
> County. See I wouldn't be
> surprised if they remain in the area to breed. One was seen in the same
> area 6 days ago by Joe Blowers. Sightings of Red-shouldered Hawks in
> Clackamas County have increased significantly over the past 10 years. I
> would be interested in knowing if breeding of this species has been
> confirmed in Marion County, Yamhill County, Washington County, or Multnomah
> County.
> Sincerely,
> Tim Janzen
> Portland

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