Date: 3/24/21 8:03 am
From: Steve Hampton <stevechampton...>
Subject: Re: [Tweeters] Help Identifying Mystery Bird Call
I'm seeing on eBird a scattering of Bobwhite reports over the years from
the south Sound, Columbia River corridor, and Willamette Valley. Are these
considered established (and ABA-countable) or are they considered escapees
from game farms?<env.minX...>&<env.minY...>&<env.maxX...>&<env.maxY...>

On Wed, Mar 24, 2021 at 7:49 AM Kyle Elfman <kyle.elfman...> wrote:

> Thanks to everyone who gave identifying our bird call a try! We didn’t
> come up with a definitive answer, but the most common answer I received:
> Northern Bobwhite
> My observer’s bias wants to believe it was a Bobwhite, too. My instinct
> was something in the Quail family. It this were true, a Bobwhite would
> certainly be a rarity here in the Burien/White Center area!
> Thanks again to everyone for your help! Here are the responses (guesses?)
> everyone had:
> Northern Bobwhite X3
> Owl (sp) X2
> Mountain Quail
> Gallinaceous bird
> Red-Breasted Sapsucker
> Northern Flicker
> Gray Jay
> Corvid - American Crow
> American Robin
> Hutton’s Vireo
> Kyle Elfman
> kyle dot elfman at gammel dot com
> Burien, WA
> On Mar 15, 2021, at 20:05, Kyle Elfman <kyle.elfman...> wrote:
> Hello! My wife and I are hoping to get some help identifying a bird(?) we
> heard the other evening outside our home in Burien, WA. This past Friday
> evening (March 12) around 6:45 in the evening, just as the sun had fully
> set, we heard this call for roughly 3 minutes. It started in the large
> evergreen trees in our neighbor’s yard then moved very quickly from the
> south side to north side of our house before it left the area/stopped
> vocalizing. We each have our own theories about what it might be, but we
> can’t seem to find any Macaulay Library recordings matching our best
> guesses. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
> Kyle Elfman
> kyle dot elfman at gmail dot com
> Burien, WA
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Steve Hampton
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