Date: 3/23/21 4:05 pm
From: Marion Farber via <marion_farber...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Joseph D. Grant County Park Tuesday 3/23
We went in search of the VERMILION FLYCATCHER at Grant Ranch today, and were not disappointed.  Around 10am, we got good long looks of him working the fence line and perching on the livestock trough along the Hotel Trail southwest of the ranch house.  Along the same fence line, we saw a pair of TREE SWALLOWS enter a nest box, but then a pair of WESTERN BLUEBIRDS came to check out the box while the Swallows furiously dive-bombed the Bluebirds, to no avail.  It appears that the Bluebirds won the fight, at least for now!

When we arrived at the parking lot shortly after 9am, we watched a pair of GREAT BLUE HERONS hunting in the meadow by the bathrooms, and while we watched, one of them nabbed a gopher or mole, and after maneuvering it a bit, tossed it down its throat!

The fountain at the rose garden has been drained, so we didn't see any birds there, but did find some PURPLE FINCHES in the area.

At the lake, we were treated to a CALIFORNIA THRASHER in full song.

Other notable birds heard but not seen were a HUTTON'S VIREO and a SELASPHORUS HUMMINGBIRD.

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